How to use natural lump wood charcoal

No chemicals added and no need for lighter fluid

What is it made from?

Charcoal is not the same thing as coal. Natural BBQ charcoal, or lumpwood charcoal, is made from burning hardwood logs in an oxygen limited chamber. This process removes any moisture and volatile compounds from the wood leaving almost pure carbon (and a few minerals).

This carbon is what you burn on your BBQ and as all the volatile compounds have been removed there is virtually no smoke and zero fumes. This is better for the environment and your sausages. 

The absence of any accelerants, binders or chemicals mean there is no need to wait for it to go grey and you can add to it while you are cooking.

Lighting it up

To light our charcoal we suggest making a pile of charcoal and lighting the bottom. Either with a blowtorch or for a safer and more eco friendly way you could use a natural firelighter, ideally with a Weber jug style charcoal starter. Give it 5 to 10 minutes and then spread out until there is enough heat and it's ready to go. If you haven't added enough you can keep adding to it whilst cooking. You can't do any of that with the normal shop bought charcoal or briquettes.

Charcoal lighter
We recommend the Weber chimney starter, just put a natural firelighter in the bottom



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  • You can add charcoal whilst cooking
  • Make a tall pile and light the bottom to get started
  • Light with natural firelighter or blowtorch, don't use lighter fluid
  • As soon as there is enough heat you can start to cook 
  • Use any small bits left to improve your compost or soil

Bonus biochar

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The charcoal is filtered before going into the bags but any small bits left at the bottom can be added to your compost or soil which will help retain nutrients and improve drainage and tilth.

The bag and label is fully recyclable via your paper bin.