Firewood logs kiln drying services

Turbo charge firewood drying by renting space in our kiln

Rent space in our firewood kiln

As well as selling very high quality kiln dried firewood, we offer a kiln drying service for businesses and individuals with their own logs (minimum of 1 IBC crate as pictured below) whether thats for your own use or for retail.

We are doing this to help local small firewood producers continue to sell firewood once the inevitable laws kick in on moisture content (this has already happened in England). We are happy for people in our local area to use this service, we want to help small local suppliers compete with the big producers who send diesel trucks all over the country or even worse import it from abroad.

Biomass kiln
The first of its kind in Scotland, our kiln sterilises and dries firewood logs via direct heat transfer from burning waste

Its pretty easy to dry split firewood down to 18 to 25% on the outside by seasoning but to achieve an average moisture content of less than 20% through the whole log can take extra months or even years by air drying.

Our kiln fast forwards this process in an environmentally friendly way that is good for your log burner and for the local economy. Kiln drying logs also sterilises the logs eradicating any mould, fungi or insect larvae before it gets taken into a house.

The kiln is capable of drying fresh cut hardwood logs to the correct moisture content in a week to ten days but for best results we suggest air drying the logs a bit first, this will cut down the time and therefore cost in the kiln. A single cycle is 70 hours, fresh cut dense hardwood logs will need 2 or 3 cycles (Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Beech, Cherry etc).

To use the service you need to deliver an IBC crate (like in the picture above) of cut, split logs to us. We will unload the crates, dry them and then load them back on your transport on collection.

Kiln drying prices

£1 plus vat per hour per crate based on cycles of 70 hours. So to dry an IBC crate of part seasoned / nearly seasoned logs to kiln dried standard would be £70 plus vat.