We buy tree surgery waste and logs

If you have logs, fallen or standing trees to fell we will make an offer to buy them

Log buying

We take a slightly different approach to log purchasing that keeps us in sawlogs and fuelwood while reusing what would otherwise be wasted, left to release greenhouse gases, or under utilised. It also means we get lots of variety in the species we work with and are about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Tree Surgeons and gardeners

We will buy tree surgery waste by the load tipped in our yard, and we will take logs from 80mm in diameter so less wood chip in your van to get rid of. Alternatively we can collect from site with our hiab or Multione loader that has a grab, hydraulic winch and a bucket. The rate we pay is obviously a lot less for collected logs but depending on species and quality this can still be a decent amount for sawlog grade timber. As an alternative to payment we can also offer use of our stump grinder, tracked chipper, multione or MEWP. If you want to be one of our tree surgeon suppliers please get in touch for details.

Clearing tree surgery waste
Clearing up for a homeowner after they had a dangerous Beech tree felled


Landowners / Farmers

We buy fallen and unwanted standing trees and can do the felling and forwarding, or we will buy logs from roadside in quantities of 1 to 100 tonnes. Single trees are something we often purchase and we specialise in low impact small scale forest thinning. Short, fat, ugly logs are of interest as well. If you want to be super eco friendly and mill timber from your own trees we can do this for you in return for a share of the logs.

Collecting fallen tree
Cutting up and collecting a fallen tree from a farm field in Carnock


Forestry logs

We buy logs in the.traditional sawmill way in artic loads from local managed forests, this is normally Larch, Scots Pine, Douglas fir and Cedar or hardwood if we can ever get it. We are always in the market for forest grown logs and if we buy them you know that because we keep everything local and use 100% of the logs you are helping the planet more than if you sell to the big national sawmills.

Nelsons delivering Larch
Nelsons of Kelty delivering a Larch load from a friendly local estate


Working with other small sawmills

The trouble with the forestry industry is that it is very much geared against smaller sawmills who want to buy sustainable local logs, produce on a small scale and sell locally. When a hardwood forest is thinned or a softwood parcel is clear felled the land owners normally appoint a management company to get the best possible price for the logs. That's fair enough but the hassle of dealing with small sawmills who want one or two loads a month is outweighed by the temptation to sell the whole lot in one go to a monster sawmill often hundreds of miles away.

Believe it or not even the Forestry Commission works in a similar way at the same time as issuing grants to encourage small scale local processing (!?). We work with some local landowners who deal directly with us for environmental reasons and to help their local economy but people with this approach are unfortunately few and far between.

We are happy to work together with other small sawmills to buy lots of timber and share resources to try and keep as much production local and maybe compete a little more effectively with the big bad national buyers. Please get in touch if this is of interest.



Recovering arb waste with hiab