Sawmilling services

We offer onsite and offsite sawmilling services for single logs or whole artic loads

About our Sawmilling service

We offer a sawmilling and bespoke cutting service in addition to our own stock sawn timber items. We have a range of chainsaw mills that can cut up to 2 metres in width to break down big logs and mill wide slabs onsite. Alternatively, you can bring your logs to us for fast accurate planks, beams and posts using our state of the art Woodmizer LT40 wide head hydraulic sawmill. Our sawmill can also be used to cut bespoke parts such as long firring pieces for roof work and cutting down construction timber too big for table saws into bespoke dimensions.

Our Hydraulic Band Sawmill

Hydraulic band sawmills are the fastest most accurate way to mill high volumes of timber such as Larch, Cedar or Oak. Our Woodmizer mill also has a wide head so can take logs up to 1 metre in diameter for bespoke cutting. Standard max length is about 5 metres but this can be extended if needed. This service is open for single logs or whole artic loads, this service is charged at a fixed hourly rate for production milling or by the log for small jobs. To give you an idea of cost, if you bring us a log up to 800mm in diameter / 5m in length it would cost about £60 plus vat to mill it into boards, beams or posts etc.

We can sometimes collect logs for you or using our suppliers heavier trucks. Mostly people bring or send logs to us for processing into valuable timber then we palletise and send the timber back. If it's the right species we will sometimes mill logs for a share of the timber, we have a banding machine and telehandler to facilitate handling.  



Chainsaw milling onsite

Chainsaw mills are a different tool for purposes not suited to a band sawmill, even a mobile one. We can carry the chainsaw mills in to areas with poor or sensitive access to break massive logs down in a clean, efficient way so they can be moved more easily for further processing. They are also great for making massive wide slabs (up to almost 2 metres width) and really handy for cutting cookies from large tree stumps before they are ground down or removed. Another way a chainsaw mill is better than a band sawmill is for cutting around bends to make timber framing and boat building curved beams and ties.